Toys for tots from hell.

Downloading software off the Internet and printing a gun?

It was just a matter of time. As the science fiction writer William Gibson pointed out, the street finds its uses for things. In case anyone thinks the $8,000 price tag will prevent this from taking off, let me point out that new technology gets cheaper. When I was in college, the cheapest computer that could do anything useful cost about what a house did. In the early 1990’s it would have cost around a billion dollars to completely sequence one person’s DNA. You can do that today for about $1,000.

If—when—the price falls enough, 3D printing could make the entire gun debate—which is about who should be permitted to buy one—moot.

I have experienced the pleasure of looking down the barrel of a loaded pistol in the hands of a three-year-old kid. The owner had stupidly kept it loaded and easy for a child to find. Just wait until 3D printers become toys for tots.



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