A Good Start, but doesn’t go nearly far enough!

Check this out:


If I had way too much money, one of the things I would do is to fund hearings on the government coverup of the hard evidence for the existence of elves and fairies.

After all, you can’t prove that elves and fairies (feel free to substitute whatever you like here) don’t exist, therefore they must! Right? Right?

If wealthy crackpots can lavishly fund screwball research projects to look for Noah’s Ark or Big Foot or E. T. or The Man in the Yellow Hat or—dare we dream?—the reincarnation of Elvis, then why not a lavishly funded foundation to prove the existence of little green guys with pointy ears?

It’s a lot better than wasting the money on medical research on orphan diseases or feeding refugees from some hellish war or something frivolous like that.

If I offered people with respectable credentials a Mount-Vesusius-sized pile of money to let their names be attached to my little scheme, I’m sure I would get some takers. No names, but I know of at least one Foundation that hands out cash in the seven-figure range to get  respectable (or at least high-profile people) to say nice things about it.

(Hey, I’m cheap. I’d sell my soul for that much cash! Just leave the money on the dresser, dearie.)

What do you think? I’m sure if I were willing to pay enough, they would come up with all the “evidence” my little heart could desire.

You don’t really think Mr. Spock is an alien, do you?



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