Maybe we’ll be doing it in The Road

Just a couple of updates on climate change for those of you writing science fiction set several decades out. It seems that earlier predictions on climate change may have been far too cheerful and may things up even worse than we thought.

Just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with pessimism.

As a very minor example, the beach town I go to doesn’t have a long-term future. It’s on an island you reach by crossing a bridge.  That road is flooded about five days in a typical year due to storm surges combined with high tides. According to a study done by some local civil engineering types, by 2060 that road will be flooded 180 days a year.

I doubt that it will be possible to live out there in 2060. Multiply that by thousands of communities, and millions of people who now live near salt water will have to move inland. The oceans of Kansas, anyone?!



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