The Mouse Paratroopers will save us!

The Mouse Paratroopers will save us!

There was a type of 1950’s sci-fi movie that usually included the following elements:

A plague of fill-in-the-blank critters (one would do, if it was Godzilla sized) who were about to kill us all because we had done something seriously stupid like detonate nukes upwind from living things.

A male scientist type who came up the THE PLAN to get rid of the critter/critters

An attractive female scientist (usually some professor’s daughter and/or assistant) who used her 200 IQ to gaze adoringly at some guy when she wasn’t busy making coffee or dinner while wearing a frilly apron and dreaming of knitting baby booties.

The military, whom we lesser mortals should never question, who were always justified when they blew something up.

Other than the plague of critters, I wonder what other elements are present in the attached news story. I’d like to know. The sheer weirdness of THE PLAN has me tasting movie popcorn.


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