This just in for those who loved The Shining

If I had to choose between The Shining and The Stand as my favorite Stephen King book, I would have a tough time. The Stand would probably win, but only by a hair. That topic is actually worth a full discussion, which I’ll postpone for some other time because that isn’t why I decided to post this.

Sequels, especially when you didn’t plan them when you were writing the first volume, are risky. Mr. King has evidently decided to take that risk with a sequel to The Shining.

What happened to Danny, and where is he now in middle age? We are going to find out. According to the King web site, next year Doctor Sleep comes out.




2 thoughts on “This just in for those who loved The Shining

  1. The Stand for me…hands down. Now THAT is a sequel I would read in a heartbeat but possibly this one as well. Can we still say REDRUM? 😉

  2. Come play with us, Danny, forever and ever.

    I think I read somewhere that King is considering doing a re-write of The Stand to bring it up to date from the world of the mid-1970’s in which it was written. Odd that an era when I was a young adult with a small child not much younger than Danny is now an historical period.

    I’d like to see some of the stuff he did as screenplays, such as Rose Red or The Storm of the Century, done by King as novels..

    Everything is a matter of taste. The science fiction writer Spider Robinson hated The Stand so much that in a review he asked readers to stop people in bookstores from wasting their money on it. It was a sort of “friends don’t let friends read Stephen King” review.

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