Hello World!

And, no, I am not a professional C programmer.

I am someone who recently retired after spending 33 years in a death-like job in a bureaucracy where Franz Kafka, whose day job was as a minor bureaucrat like me, would have felt right at home. I don’t recall ever waking up as a gigantic cockroach, but perhaps my enemies have blocked out my memories of that happening. It would explain some of the food they served at office parties.


I’ve dabbled in writing fiction for years. Some short stories, one completed novel (genre:science fiction) that I shopped around and one literary agent read herself and had someone else read. She said she liked it herself, but that it overlapped too many genres to be salable to a publishing house. It seems that they like things in neat categories. Since then, ebooks have erupted onto the scene, and I am now working on another novel.


I’ve decided that since it’s now possible to self-publish without breaking the bank (a piggy bank in my case) I don’t have to make choose one flavor of ice cream and stick with it. I can now make Neopolitan!


You see, I find that I am now living in a science fiction novel. I encounter tiny phone computers that can carry on conversations of a sort similar to what I saw on Star Trek back in the 1960’s. My daughter-in-law recently asked me to have my DNA done. At the same time, I am old enough to have had conversations with people who were teens in the 19th century. It is an odd position to be in.

I hope I can, now and then, dig up stuff to entertain you. Wish me luck!  


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